What is arcipedia?

The archiving and information software arcipedia® supports you in preserving and especially communicating the extensive history of your institution or organisation.

With sufficient preparation arcipedia®'s redefined systematics allow you to start working right away. The user interface is also configurable. It can be adapted to fit your corporate design as well as your communication requirements. You can use arcipedia® as an object database to maintain an extensive and complete collection. However, the software is not just limited to these features. arcipedia® focuses on the user and makes the objects of your collection readily available. This way, you don't only collect exhibits, features and milestones of your history. arcipedia® opens up your corporate memory to defined user groups by the use of specially designed search methods. In addition, the intuitive interface supports fast and comfortable work.

Before detailing your history with arcipedia®, you should ask yourself the following important questions:

• What do you aim to achieve communicating through arcipedia®?
Are you planning an exhibition or are you celebrating - perhaps an anniversary?

• Which part of your corporate memory do you want to document?
Organisation, personal, specific or general matters?

• Which specific content do you want to showcase through arcipedia®?
Preferably everything or just a few prestigious collector's items?

• Which target audience should have access to your content?
Customers, business partners, historians, media representatives?

If you need help with either answering the above questions or building and structuring your search tools and database, a competent team of experienced archivists, editors, computer scientists and consultants is always ready to assist.