Virtual tours

Browse through examples of virtual tours and experience what arcipedia® can do for your company. An overview of (your) history, event documentation or product presentations - arrange your exhibitions the way you and your clients want them.

Every tour consists of four images - these can also be enhanced with fitting captions. Just click start tour to open the desired tour in an easy-to-navigate lightbox view.

From tried-and-trusted to innovative - show what you have in store (exemplary virtual tour)

Have you developed a new product? Do you want to promote available products? A series of postcards shows one possible way of doing that.

The postcards were distributed in the Erlangen University Hospital's ENT clinic to increase its prominence and sharpen its image. At first, eight cheerful motifs were published (250 prints apiece). They were very well-recieved and in 2001, almost two thirds of the cards were in circulation. All eight motifs were reprinted (1000 prints on the whole), with two of them specially redesigned for 2011.

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Events, events, events - there's always a reason to celebrate (exemplary virtual tour)

No matter if it's the opening of an exhibition or a company event - a virtual tour allows the general public to get involved and gives first impressions.

Browse through pictures of a joint exhibition of photographer Bernd Böhner (Erlangen) and young talent Fabian Birke and maybe find inspiration for a tour of your own.

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arcipedia® - all advantages at a glance (exemplary virtual tour)

Learn about the features of the archiving software arcipedia® in this exemplary virtual tour and get a visual and informative overview.

arcipedia® helps you manage and market the extensive history of your institution or organisation. Sounds good in theory - but how does it actually look in practice? Browse through our virtual tour of arcipedia® and learn how the software effectively presents your corporate memory.


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