Information material

The pre-defined category texts offers space for background stories. Included content can be scientific in nature and present your users with cross-topic information or essays about your company, organisation or museum without being linked to specific archived object.


With arcipedia®, you choose which stories you want to tell in detail. After loading the top box texts, users are presented with an overview of the provided material. This overview is gathered automatically.

Every article includes a short extract and can be accessed by clicking read more. The detailed view of an article can also be combined with pdf, image or sound files for download purposed as well as internal links.

Making information material available? With arcipedia® no problem!

Do you have flyers, portfolios, magazines or similar documents you want to be available on your website? With arcipedia®, that's no problem! Even better: you can offer every single docuement as a download (pdf file).



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Media, images, downloads - make your texts more attractive!

Texts are informative, entertaining and sometimes even funny. Anyway, they only become really appealing, if they are visually attractive, too. Simply add images, downloads, videos or audio files - there are no limits for your own creativity! Come and have a look: