arcipedia® defines, preserves and evaluates what is important for the development of a company or organisation's brand management. History marketing as a content fuels a strong brand and boosts its perception. The historical background of a company can be used in order to secure future development and progression.



arcipedia® makes it possible to freely define various user groups. A clear permission level system defines who gets to access and how much of the database is accessible and adaptable by them. Apart from the user groups - management, marketing or public relations departments, it can be used by employees, service providers and partners (agencies, architects, consultants): gaining access to permanently available research tools from any location via Internet connection.

In addition, a company can provide virtual tours to the general public on the corporate Internet site. Authorized specific target audiences or the general public can easily be given access to the archive via arcipedia®, for example through the addition of a user-oriented presentation and research area (in the look and feel of custom Wiki sites) or a temporary compilation of web-based exhibitions and virtual tours.

Permanent, attractive usage of arcipedia for many different purposes is one of the software's key points, next to offering the best protection possible for sensitive data.