All advantages at a glance

The challenge of history marketing is to use all available information and insights to support lasting communication focusing towards the future. Common archiving softwares focus on collecting and finding only. arcipedia® is a browser-based knowledge management software offering many more options of history research. Of course arcipedia® offers fast, easy and effective access to all objects of your company or organisation archive. In addition, indexing, dynamic content management and topic-oriented approaches offer to create new texts, pictures and material resources for internal or external communication - with a specific focus on story telling, the distinctive method of cross-media marketing in the future.


arcipedia® stands for:

  • Being able to search and find with ease at the highest level
  • Lively knowledge management, focusing towards the future
  • A common work platform, across different divisions and topics
  • Reliable and secure preservation of data, no matter the capacity or format
  • Open Source: license for individual software
  • Accessible on a countless number of workstations authorized by you
  • Users can personally define their own cinfiguration
  • Individual interface: opportunity to use own company logos and design
  • Extensive permission level system for internal usage - read only/modification
  • Opportunities to externally use without any additional expens