Additional services

The following optional services are available when purchasing an arcipedia® license:


  1. Workshop/Performance specifications
    Together, we work out what you reqire from arcipedia® and compile the version that you need.

    Reimbursement on workshop based on license purchase:


    On the respective net price of a license.

  2. Hosting
    We offer facilities to host arcipedia for you. Hosting offers take your chosen license into consideration; fees depend on the booked or desired data volume.
  3. Branding
    arcipedia's® user interface can be adapted to fit your corporate design; it becomes your own platform, displaying your company or organization brand. We would be happy to a quotation after a joint briefing.
  4. Training courses
    We train your defined users in the usage of our software; up to three people per session in our offices or even right on your premises.
  5. Resources
    We would be pleased to support you in maintaining your archive. Historians or corporate archivists help update your collection from our offices or, respectively, at your location.
  6. Marketing and Events
    We would be happy to support you in using your archived resources in marketing, PR and advertising projects. arcipedia® offers multiple online opportunities in this area. Additionally, we have an experienced team at our disposal to realise a wide variety of projects centred around the history of your company, institution or organisation.
  7. Support / Helpdesk
    Our qualified staff is always ready to assist you! To answer daily questions from your defined users, we offer a corresponding support contract and (on request) an around-the-clock help desk.

Just contact us!